Who We Are

Frimarc's Secret
is in the relationship with customers

FRIMARC was created in 2001, and we couldn´t be more proud of its evolution, established on entrepreneur Marco Coutinho’s experience, commitment and vision.

Our activity consists on the trade and distribution of food products, with primary products such as refrigerated and frozen meat, frozen seafood and fish, dried and canned products, providing about 4.000 sku’s, for over 2.500 customers in the Hospitality, Restaurant and Institutional business as well as in other high consumption sectors.

With our own fleet of 30 refrigerated vehicles, and a distribution network continuously tailored to the needs of each Client, FRIMARC covers the whole territory south of the Tagus – being already present in Lisbon, as well – ensuring daily deliveries from Monday to Saturday, through our own refrigerated warehouses in the Algarve (Faro) and Alentejo (Évora).  

With over 100 employees, and with a significant and well-prepared team of 25 sales people – who will always be your most trusted advisors – FRIMARC has been the company with the highest growth rate in its respective sector, in recent years, as a result of the continuous recognition from our Clients, Suppliers and further associates.   

Trust us

The current existence of a HACCP plan, supervised by its own team of engineers, adequate infrastructure and qualified personnel, are critical factors to ensure the integrity of each product. An ISO 9001 Quality management Certification process is also underway.

Being that FRIMARC intends to have a global offer in the sectors in which it operates, a department specialized in the collection and recycling of used cooking oil was created. We also ensure full cleaning services for hottes and innovative cleaning solutions for all other kitchen equipment. Furthermore we supply and assemble equipment for the HORECA sector and the likes.

Every day at FRIMARC we work to remain competitive and well prepared to be able to answer to increasingly demanding customers, guided by principles such as Customer Excellence Service, the Quality in the services we provide, and flawless Food Safety standards; in order to solidify our regional presence, thus sustaining a continuous and unshakeable will to follow our national expansion strategy.